Friday Giveaway Roundup – 138 Giveaways

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Welcome to the weekly Friday giveaway roundup! Every single Friday we post giveaways ending within the next week. If you want to make sure you never miss one of these posts be sure to subscribe via RSS or Email.

Bonfire Season

Happy Friday everyone! It’s been quite a week…we had our garage sale (see how we did!) last weekend and then spent a couple days out of town for my wife’s grandfather’s funeral. It was great to see everyone, including a couple of friends who moved there a couple years ago (this is about 3 hours from where we live). Of course, hopefully next time we can see everyone under different circumstances.

On Monday I shared how to organize coupons using a database in Excel including a downloadable spreadsheet. As Excel is one of my more refined skills, I hope to create more downloadable spreadsheets in the future.

Next week we will kick things off with a post from our first ever staff writer. I wanted to bring her on board for a few months now and the timing was finally right. I hope you will stop by and welcome her!

My wife won a big giveaway last week: a $400 Ryobi Lawn Mower! Unfortunately I did end up buying a lawn mower a couple weeks ago, but we will still be able to get $400 in Home Depot store credit in exchange for the mower. This couldn’t be better timing, as we can use that to buy a grill, supplies for our garden, supplies to finish the fence, and possibly some left over to put towards a new retaining wall.

Ryobi Lawn Mower

Additionally, I also won two giveaways which in total won $100 in gift cards. My wife also won a mixing bowl. If you have been entering giveaways and haven’t won any yet, keep entering! Honestly it’s simply a numbers game. The more you enter, the higher the chance you have of winning.

This weekend I’m going to enjoy a couple bonfires. Hopefully the weather cooperates; it’s been raining/snowing for what seems like months now. I’m always interested to hear: What are you up to this weekend?

On to the giveaways!

First, enter my current giveaways… No current giveaways :(

Next check out the 138 giveaways that are ending from 6/7 to 6/13. Good luck!

All Giveaways Have Ended


Good luck on all the giveaways and I hope you all have a great weekend!
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That's a really nice mower, and very cool you can get a gift card swap and buy the things you need/want. I won a giveaway once for some sewing stuff. It wasn't an item with a big value but I was super excited to win.


That is so cool that you both won giveaways and that you can exchange the lawn mower you won for other things. A great way to begin your summer. Enjoy your weekend :-)


That's awesome you won the lawn mower! It's too bad you had bought one a few weeks ago, but like you said having $400 free money at Home Depot should be able to go pretty easily. ;) Have a great weekend DC!


Entering these online giveaways are a great way to actually win something - I've won a Kindle Fire and a Google Nexus 7, along with various Amazon gift cards and craftsman tools. Congrats on the lawnmower win!  I just bought one of those last week, wish I had won that contest!

DC @ Young Adult Money
DC @ Young Adult Money moderator

@moneymatters I agree!  It was actually at our first blogger meetup that I first became interested in giveaways.  You had mentioned you won a few big ones and Carrie Rocha mentioned that there were tons of them going on all the time.