Quick Hits and Weekend Reading

by on Nov 3 2012 - 11 Comments

Welcome to the weekly Saturday Quick Hits and Weekend Reading post!

November already? Time flies.

I have a morning full of yard work in front of me so wish me luck. We bagged 9 giant trash bags full of leaves already, and we haven’t even finished the front lawn. Also, since it has been in the 30s and low 40s here recently, I decided to post a pic of Hawaii, where it’s warm year-round…why don’t I live there again?

Quick Hits

  • We finally finished painting and cleaning our apartment and have fully moved out. It’s a great feeling and makes owning the house a lot more “real.” One thing I am really enjoying about the house is being able to envision how I see it when all our renovations are done. Granted the pricier renovations may not be done for a few years (if ever), but it’s still fun to imagine what it will look like when we are done making the house “our own.”

  • I am very excited to be participating in my first giveaway next week along with some other bloggers. It was put together by Michelle at Making Sense of Cents, so look for a post about that this Wednesday.

  • My wife has her GRE psychology subject matter test next weekend. She’s spent a ton of time studying for both this test and the regular GRE, so I know she’s looking forward to not having to study anymore. I’m excited for her to be done as well – I know preparing for standardized tests can take a lot out of you.

  • Did everyone have a good Halloween? I didn’t do anything for it on the day of (I went as a hippie to a party last weekend, tho), but a couple of our friends stopped by with their 22-month old who was dressed up as a Lion. He’s like a nephew to us and we definitely gave him a ton of candy, and maybe a coloring book, and maybe some toy cars…yes, sometimes we spoil him :)

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Weekend Reading

As usual, here are some posts from this week that I really enjoyed:

I set a goal last night of getting the Young Adult Money Facebook page to 1,000 likes by July 1st of 2013. This just so happens to be the 1-year anniversary of the site as well as my birthday. If you enjoy this blog please like the Facebook page!

Have a good weekend everyone!

Photo by Sarah_Ackerman