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Fast Track Financial IndependenceOur $150 Cash Giveaway ends this Friday! In the post we explain how to make side income by monetizing your social media accounts. Good luck!

My pursuit of rental income, starting a small business, and participation in side hustles such as spreadsheet consulting and freelance writing are all direct results of one thing: my desire to fast-track my financial independence.

While I’m grateful for my full-time job and the security, income, and career track it has provided, I also know that it won’t likely fund the lifestyle I desire or give me financial independence anytime soon. Take-home pay is essentially capped at most corporate workplaces, and the higher up you go the more cutthroat the competition becomes for jobs.

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Hello everyone! I will keep this short but today I am humbly asking for your help in getting my wife and I to Hawaii.

Hawaii Beach in Maui_

Over the past few weeks I Have been in a referral contest that IZEA has put on. I wrote about IZEA in my post How Ordinary People Can Make Money on Social Media. IZEA is a company that connects advertisers with social media users.

I have personally made hundreds of dollars through Twitter sponsorships alone. If you use social media – whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. – I would highly recommend you check them out!

PLEASE consider signing up for IZEA through my referral link.

If I refer more users than anyone else I will win a free trip to Hawaii for two.

Sidebar: I know I know…the trip is technically not free because the value of the trip is essentially treated as ‘miscellaneous income’ as far as taxes are concerned, but it would still be a huge blessing to both of us to win this trip.

If you do sign up using my referral link you can also get a few extra entries in our $150 Cash Giveaway.

Thank you everyone and I really appreciate each and every one of you!

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Working a Side HustleWe talk a lot about side hustles and making money on this site. While we have shared specific side hustles and strategies for people looking to start or improve their side hustle, what we haven’t done is talked about specific industries that are ideal for side hustles.

The reality is that there are some industries that are great for side hustles and there are some that aren’t so great. A lot of it has to do with how much of the work has to be done during 9-5 business hours compared to evening/weekend hours.

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Jaguar F-TypeFor about a year or so a group of my buddies met at a local cafe once a week. Because we met at a consistent time we inevitably ended up seeing some of the ‘regulars’ of this cafe.

One person that stood out to me was a retired man who drove a nice-looking Jaguar. He always seemed excited to talk about Jaguar cars and it really seemed like it must have been a goal of his for years to have one in retirement.

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House with Mortgage ProblemsAnyone who bought a home before the most recent economic recession knows how painful it can be to pay money on a mortgage that is of higher value than the house itself. Combine that with decreased income and potential job loss and you have a recipe for some very difficult situations.

Many homes over the past few years have been foreclosed on and many have been forced to declare bankruptcy. If you are having problems with keeping up with your mortgage payments it’s important to weigh all your options before you take any drastic action.

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