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Today we are lucky to have Shannon Ryan from The Heavy Purse on the blog. I hope you enjoy her post and the iPad Mini Giveaway!

The Lemonade Stand Giveaway

DC and I have been blogging friends for quite some time now, although I’m past being able to convince anyone that I am a Young Adult, and he has been a regular reader of The Heavy Purse even back when my blog was pink. :) One thing he has constantly mentioned is his desire to be a good financial role model when he becomes a dad in the future. And every time he does, it warms my heart. Being a good financial role model is the first step to creating financially confident kids.

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Stressed Out Small Business OwnerI saw an article today on Inc. titled 15 Terrible Excuses For Not Starting Your Own Business.

My first reaction was really? 15 terrible reasons?

Then I quickly realized that the title of blog posts are really just to get people to click and read. To their credit, I did click and read, and I’m even sharing the link in this post!

While I agree with some of the “terrible” reasons that are shared in the post, I think there are many good reasons to not start a business, or at least not quit your day job to start one.

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Minnesota Lake SuperiorLake Superior as seen from Minnesota. Beautiful!

Welcome to the Weekly Quick Hits Roundup!

If you’re new here, every week I write a weekly wrap-up of things that were going on here at Young Adult Money, a few personal updates/thoughts, and finally a few posts I read this week that I thought were worth sharing.

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Fandango Gift Card GiveawayA $200 Fandango gift card and $800 cash are just two of the 100+ giveaways in this week’s giveaway roundup!

Welcome to the weekly Friday giveaway roundup!

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job interviewWe are sad to announce that this is Shannon’s last post on the site. She is moving on to other projects and opportunities, and we wish her all the best! Please be sure to thank her and check out all her other great posts as well.

If you read this site often, you know that the founder, DC, has started a new job, and he could definitely talk about successful job interviewing since it led to his new job.

For me, other than writing about personal finance, I love to write about careers and mentor others in their careers; and I actually just started writing regularly for AOL Jobs about women in finance careers.

As a 13-year financial services veteran, I have quite a bit of experience in finance and enjoy when I can use the lessons I learned to help others on their professional journeys.

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