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Happy ThanksgivingThanksgiving is next week! I can’t wait to eat, watch football, and spend time with family.

It’s also my brother’s Bday so I’m looking forward to celebrating with him.

Welcome to the Weekly Quick Hits Roundup!

If you’re new here, every week I write a weekly wrap-up of things that were going on here at Young Adult Money, a few personal updates/thoughts, and finally a few posts I read this week that I thought were worth sharing.

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Canon EOS Rebel T3i GiveawayDon’t miss out on our 85 giveaways this week including a Google Nexus, a 16GB iPad Mini, and a Canon EOS Rebel T3i!

Welcome to the weekly Friday giveaway roundup!

Every single Friday we post giveaways ending within the next week.

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MBA benefitsA Master of Business Administration, or MBA, is more than just a piece of paper or even a qualification for a higher level position.

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Tips on Overcoming Your Fear of Side Hustling | Young Adult MoneyThis post is from our regular Wednesday contributor, Erin.

So you have a hobby or a service you’d like to turn into a side hustle. The problem is, you’re scared. Scared of success, of failure, or a little bit of both.

Or maybe the entire concept of side hustling is a little overwhelming to you.

You want to earn more on the side, and you have a plan, but you just can’t get yourself to implement it.

Instead, you find yourself spinning your wheels, stuck analyzing all the possible outcomes.

You’re wondering how your side business will be received, if it’s something people will even pay for, or if you have what it takes to provide value to customers.

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Strategically Develop SkillsWe are lucky to have Jenna from PF Twins on the blog today.

As a young professional working a 9-5, your career is an important part of your life.

For one, most of us spend at least a third of our day working.

Whether you want to earn more money, create a more flexible work day, or just do the work you enjoy, how do you actually move your career in the right direction?

As Cal Newport argued in So Good They Can’t Ignore You, a strong skill set is is essential to creating the career you want.

The best way to build skills is to design a strategic skills plan. With a blueprint to follow, you’ll invest your time in the right skills. You’ll also know exactly how to go from idea to action.

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