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Happy Family Getting Life InsuranceOne of my goals this year is to get life insurance. I set this goal over seven months ago.

How much time have I put towards this goal so far? Absolutely none.

This is NOT a good sign. It means I’m making it a low priority. In reality, it’s something I should be making one of my top priorities.

My main issue with life insurance has always been that it’s time consuming to get. Thankfully, I finally found the fastest way to get life insurance and I can’t wait to share it with you.

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Making Money from GiveawaysAny given week there are thousands of giveaways starting and ending.

Pepsi alone had over 400 sweepstakes/giveaways this Summer for a marketing campaign.

Countless blogs start giveaways every single day, and some blogs have hundreds of giveaways on their site every single year.

The question most people have is can you actually make money entering giveaways?

My wife and I have made a lot of money entering giveaways, and I’ve even won two trips this year alone. I’ll do my best to explain how to make money entering giveaways.

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Some expensive home repairs are unavoidable. Things are prone to fail and wear out over time.

With that being said, there are many home repairs that can be avoided through regular maintenance. We’ve talked in the past about such things as mapping your circuits and being diligent about making sure water is managed properly, but today we are talking about a room you might rarely – if ever – visit: a home’s boiler room.

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As the news media rejoices in hospitals being shut down or suffering a zero hygiene rating, it can be pretty difficult to gain any real perspective on these mega-medical institutions. Is yours a shuddering mass of disease, waste and MRSA, or is it a haven where corridors shimmer and superbugs are held at bay like a vampire from a crucifix?

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Minnesota State Fair MidwayThe Minnesota State Fair starts in just a couple weeks from now! This is a picture someone took of the Midway.

It’s one of the biggest State Fairs in the country, averaging over 100,000 visitors a day for 12 days.

Welcome to the Weekly Quick Hits Roundup!

If you’re new here, every week I write a weekly wrap-up of things that were going on here at Young Adult Money, a few personal updates/thoughts, and finally a few posts I read this week that I thought were worth sharing.

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