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Productive Things to do When BoredBoredom is inevitable.

At some point or another, you will get bored. You can either waste time playing games and mindlessly scrolling through apps on your phone or you can make productive use of your time.

Thankfully, being bored isn’t all that bad. It means you are likely open to doing just about anything to cure your boredom.

Today we have a list of 10 productive things to do when bored.

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How to Control Your Personal and Business FinancesWith 2015 barely a step away from its starting line; there is still time to make your New Year’s resolutions and develop a plan for reaching them.

Perhaps you’ve already made your resolutions and are searching for the best way to accomplish your goals.

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Gradible Pay Off Student LoansBecause Young Adult Money focuses on the 20- and 30-something demographic, student loans are an important topic for us to address.

After all, there is over $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt held by more than 40 million Americans.

I’m not a huge fan of writing about how people shouldn’t get in student loan debt because most of our readers are typically already college grads.

One thing I do like to talk about, though, is strategies for paying down student loans. While we are definitely advocates of saving money when possible, we put a lot of emphasis on increasing income.

Increasing the amount of money you make at your 9 to 5 should always be a top priority, but sometimes that’s not always possible. If you’re one of the many people who have student loans and have maximized your earnings potential at your 9 to 5, it may be time to look into earning some money through a side hustle.

Today I want to talk about not just how to make extra money, but specifically how to make extra money to pay down student loans.

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Has your vision for your dream house changed? Mine did! Here's how my views of homeownership have changed. This post is from our regular Wednesday contributor, Erin.

When you were younger, did you have unrealistic expectations of what your future house would look like? Or did your dreams come crashing down once you knew how much of a mortgage you were approved for?

Back in elementary school, I’d actually doodle floor plans for the grand mansion I’d eventually have built, complete with multiple indoor pools, waterfalls, an ice rink, a huge kitchen, fountains outside, and a wrought iron gate to get in.

Obviously I had big dreams. ;)

Little did I know how much that would actually cost (let alone cost to run – that’s a lot of water!). The grandeur of it all was just fun to think about.

Thankfully, I snapped out of that after a year or so. And while HGTV’s House Hunters does lure me in from time to time, I know better than to buy more house than I can afford.

I also know there are plenty of people who want to stretch their money when it comes to their dream homes, and I thought it would be interesting to see if anyone else’s vision of their dream house changed once they were actually in the market to buy.

Here’s how the vision for my dream house changed, and the reasons why I no longer want a mansion (besides the fact I can’t afford it!).

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Making Money is better than Saving MoneyThe two main topics we focus on at Young Adult Money are making money and saving money.

Whether it’s explaining how to organize your coupons in an Excel Spreadsheet or how to save money shopping at Target, we are big advocates of saving money whenever possible.

When push comes to shove, though, making money is better than saving money.

There are many people who disagree with me and think that saving money is more important than making money (or increasing income). One argument I’ve heard from those advocating saving money over making money is that people should focus on being happy with their income and make changes so that they can enjoy life regardless of their income.

I don’t disagree with living a quality life regardless of income, but the fact of the matter is that everything – investing and yes, saving – is easier when you make more money. I also think a lot of people resign themselves to a certain level of income, believing that they are “stuck” at a certain income level.

Allow me to illustrate my point through a simple example: the “DINK”.

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