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How to Maintain Good Credit 2This post is a contributed post from See their Financial Self-Defense Kit for advice on how to build financial confidence as well as safeguard your finances.

“It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” — Benjamin Franklin

Your credit history is your financial reputation. And just like your professional and personal reputations, your credit history takes many years to cultivate, can be easily damaged, and will follow you for the rest of your life.

Sound intimidating? Good. Are you scared? Don’t be.

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Thinking about trying your hand at credit card churning to score a free vacation? Here's what you need to know before you start applying for rewards cards.This post is from our regular contributor, Erin.

It’s summer, and that means the travel bug is making its way around! If you’re sitting on the sidelines without a place to go because you didn’t have the extra money in your budget for a vacation, you might be interested in knowing more about credit card churning.

It’s a popular method used among personal finance bloggers to earn a lot of rewards points on credit cards, which can then be traded in for free travel (miles and hotels) or cash.

It’s often done in rapid succession and can take some time to plan (some people churn 2-4 cards at a time).

While credit churning sounds like a pretty awesome deal, there are a few caveats to know about before you dive in. Let’s review the do’s and don’ts of credit card churning.

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Shop Your Way 100 Gift Card GiveawayThis is a sponsored post. I am a Shop Your Way blogger, but all opinions are my own.

Today I am excited to announce our latest giveaway – a $100 Shop Your Way gift card!

The Shop Your Way program rewards members for buying the products and services they need and want every day.

Unlike other retailers that have a single website, Shop Your Way is made up of a network of retail partners and service providers. That translates to thousands of brands and a ton of products to choose from.

Shop Your Way also offers a rewards program where you get points for each purchase.

In today’s post I’ll talk about what I recently purchased from Shop Your Way, the benefits that come from Shop Your Way, and give you an opportunity to win a $100 Shop Your Way gift card as well.

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Time is Money: Do You Budget Your Time Effectively?This post is from our regular contributor, Kristi.

Most people realize the benefits of meticulously planned budgets.

Budgets allow you to recognize week spots in your finances, secure your money, eliminate wasteful spending, and encourage growth through investing.

As simple as they are, budgets are powerful tools that anyone can use to help get ahead financially.

We’ve all heard the old adage, time is money. If time is money, then shouldn’t your time be budgeted just as meticulously as your money? Especially when juggling part-time jobs or kids, time becomes a precious commodity.

If there never seem to be enough hours in your day to accomplish everything on your to-do list, then you might want to consider creating a budgeted time schedule for yourself. Analyze your day the same way that you would analyze your finances. You might find that you are able to edit out some activities to create a more efficient schedule.

Do you think you budget your time effectively? Here are some questions to ask yourself when analyzing your schedule.

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Have you asked your significant other these five critical money questions? Do so to get on the same financial page before you tie the knot!This post is from our regular contributor, Erin.

Have you spoken to your significant other about your financial beliefs, values, and goals? Or have you let that conversation fall by the wayside because you’re too afraid to have it?

Bringing up money in a relationship can be difficult, but it’s an absolute must, especially before you get married.

Seriously, when I hear stories about how couples have married without having a clue has to how to manage their finances together, I get a little worried. You should never go into marriage blind – on anything!

With that in mind, I figured it might be a good idea to touch upon some important money questions you should ask your significant other. While it can be hard to get on the same page financially, it’s not impossible, and the earlier you do it, the better.

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