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There is a ton of demand for high-performing software engineers, data scientists, designers, and more. With so many companies looking to hire talented individuals in these areas, the job search process can be difficult. How do you make sure that companies know about you? is a website that is devoted to getting talented people hired. It aims to both simplify the job search process and put opportunities in front of people that they otherwise would not know about.

Below is Blaine’s story. Blaine is a software engineer who received 15 job offers within the first week of being on Hear his story here:

If you are an engineer, designer, data scientist, or work in a related field and want to see what opportunities are available that you may be missing out on, check out to get started.

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Is Stock Picking BadA couple weeks ago I talked about investing in a penny stock.

Since investing in this stock a few months ago I’ve seen a return of over 40%.

When I decided to invest in this stock I had a long list of reasons why I thought it was a good investment. These included financial factors, market factors, and intangible factors (such as the leadership team).

I was also very familiar with their business as I have been a customer for over four years now.

While it’s easy for me to point to my 40% return and say “look, stock picking works!” I could just as easily have lost money. Millions of people have lost money on stocks they thought were sure bets.

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Do you love quotes? You'll find 5 awesome financial quotes in here and explanations for each. If you want a different perspective on money, these will deliver.This post is by our regular Wednesday contributor, Erin.

Who doesn’t love a good quote?

I know I do. It feels great when a quote resonates so much with you, you can’t help but smile and nod along.

There’s a reason quotes are so powerful. People love to adopt mantras and live by them.

Well, financial quotes are no different. Often times, the way something is phrased can completely change your view on a subject. I know that’s happened to me plenty of times. Something somewhere just clicks.

Let’s take a look at 5 different financial quotes I think we could all learn a little something from.

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8 Legitimate WaysI’ve mentioned in the past that I think blogging is the ultimate side hustle. I’ve also talked a lot about online income.

I’ve been interested in online income for about ten years now and have launched a number of online businesses that failed. Young Adult Money has been my most successful project to date and I’ve learned a lot about how to make money blogging in the process.

The best thing about online income is that there is always something new to learn. There seems to constantly be new companies and businesses that make it easier to make money blogging.

While I realize many of the readers of this blog don’t actually have a blog of their own, most people I know are very interested in how to make money blogging. This post will focus specifically on legitimate ways to make money blogging. You will need a blog if you plan on using these strategies. If you don’t have a blog you can start one quickly using our 5-step guide for starting a blog.

Many people have asked me how do you make money on your blog? The answer to that question is this post. I’ve seen a number of other blog posts on this topic, but honestly most just talk about how much they make instead of how they make it. This post will go into much more detail about the specific ways you can make money blogging.

One last note: If you want to see general ways to make money online instead of how to make money blogging, check out our list of 7 ways to make money online.

Here are 8 ways to make money blogging:

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Is a Master of Science in Accounting Worth GettingI mentioned last week that I have finally decided to get my MBA.

This decision was not made overnight.

I spent the better part of four years trying to decide whether or not to get an MBA. There are a lot of pros and cons to getting an MBA, and it’s not easy to make a decision.

In addition to an MBA, I’ve also looked into getting my MBA, CPA, CMA, and Master of Science in Accounting and Finance.

While pretty much any of these certifications are good for someone who works in Accounting or Finance, I thought the Master of Science in Accounting and Finance was the most intriguing option.

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